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Data cleansing with Excel

Once again, I turned to Excel for a data cleanup project. It occurred to me that this would make a good blog article. Here’s some techniques I use to help me handle data cleanup. Keeping data together Occasionally, I want to remove blank or incomplete rows. Or, I need to sort by a specific field […]

Missing histories on Contact history tab? Not to fear

If you are all of a sudden missing history items on the History tab in Sage ACT, make sure the filters have not been set to exclude dates or types of histories. The filter section is on the bar that separates the histories from the top Contact view. I myself have done this – clicked […]

Finding and keeping Clients

Boy, times are tough.  Companies are hurting and I’ve been working with a lot of clients recently who are looking for creative ways to find new or keep existing clients.  These clients all have customer databases and are trying to figure out ways to mine the data and go after any low hanging fruit.  They […]

Make your Linkedin URL “friendlier”

Linkedin is becoming important in the business world.  If you are on Linkedin, you should have a link to your profile on your email signature.  However, the default URL link for a public profile can be rather ugly, with numbers instead of your name or your business name. It’s  easier to point people to your […]

Adding a Custom Template to the Sage ACT Menu bar

If you use a custom template all the time in Sage ACT, you should add it to your menu dropdown so it’s easier to find.  Here’s a way to do that. Templates live in the Template folder that is under the database files associated with your master or remote database.  For remote or local databases, […]

Running ACTDIAG commands from a batch file

Starting with version 14 of the Sage ACT diagnostics tool, ACTDIAG, you can now run some ACTDIAG commands via a command line interface. Using the server NT scheduler you can then have them set to run on a periodic basis. First off, here’s a list of what you can run via command line. Note, you […]

Kicking up Business Intelligence Data in ACT!

Starting with ACT version 2012, you can now create some informative Excel pivot tables using what is called a Star schema.  The data goes after histories and opportunities. Two tables are created.  It’s a bit complicated to set up, but once done you can start to do some sophisticated drill downs in Excel to show […]

Universal Search on Sage ACT local database not showing data

This situation can result from the Windows Event Log being full. Resolve this using the following steps to set the Event Log to Overwrite. Solution: 1. Close Sage ACT!. 2. To open Task Manager and press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and locate Act.Server.Host.exe andClick End Process. 3. Right click on the My Computer icon and select Manage. 4. […]

Nifty Trick to build complex and lengthy Sage ACT Queries

A customer calls me this week saying they need to create Sage ACT queries and search for up to 600 zipcodes per query. That means entering in the Zipcode query 600+ times.  Wow, that will take a while.  I told him to give me a couple of minutes to dream up something. Here’s what I […]

Lumpy mail – getting your marketing material opened

Several years ago I attending a marketing conference and the speaker talked about Lumpy mail.  Getting your message to clients is getting harder and harder so I am rethinking this idea for my own marketing tasks. Ever get an envelope that felt like it had something other than just paper inside?  What did you do? […]