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When people don’t want to pay for consulting

Once again we are sitting around the business “camp fire” discussing why people think it is not fair when we say we charge for answering questions. We are a consulting firm. That’s what we do. The advantage we have over other support numbers is we know the answers quicker so it may take someone 1 […]

Notes and History Report in Sage ACT. Are you working too hard?

Just got off the phone with a client and realized this might be a great blog article. The most loved/feared report in Sage ACT is the Notes/History report.  This shows what you have been (or – this is the feared part – haven’t been doing) over the last several weeks.  I can always tell when […]

Any news or Is this dead? Subject lines to get a response

Recently two of my staff were having a discussion about ways to get people to let us know if a quote was still a go.  One of my people came from an organization that was very aggressive in their sales techniques.  He wasn’t really fond of that aggression nor are aggressive tactics our style, but he remembered […]

Editing the Host file with Windows 7

After upgrading to Office 2010 I noticed I could no longer get a Record History box to come up after printing a mail merge document in Sage ACT.  This is how it has worked forever.  I did some research and found one of the solutions was to ensure that a line was on the Hosts […]