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Gathering Ideas for Blogs and Social Media – Information Ninja tips

For the past two years I have been increasing my involvement in social business.  In the process I also kicked up the amount of blog articles I write.  When we switched our website to a WordPress engine, it made sense to keep blogging current.  And it has worked in increasing the amount of traffic to […]

Moving the Sage ACT Index files from the C Drive

On a lot of Servers hosting ACT, the database lives on a different drive than C.  This is because C drives are typically kept smaller.  However, SQL likes to store things on the C Drive even if you load the database on a different drive.  Included in this are the index files that are generated […]

ACT Client versus Web differences

We get this question so often I thought I’d post a blog article showing the main differences.  ACT for Windows has more options because it runs on the Windows platform.  The web version, being accessed via a browser will have limitations because of the browser interface.  Quite a bit of functionality is in the Web […]

Quick Excel Trick of the week – results not showing in a cell

Ever typed in a formula in a cell and get no results? Me too.   You have checked to ensure Automatic Calculation is turned on.  You have hit F9 to force a recalculation    And it still doesn’t show up. This will often happen on spreadsheets that have had data imported or the spreadsheet was created […]

Using Google forms – Roll your own surveys

Google Drive is the new “Google Docs” where you can store and share spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, etc.  One of the options I bet you haven’t tried or noticed is the ability to create forms.  These forms can be used to capture information that can be sent or stored on a spreadsheet.  Surveys are a good […]