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Adding a + sign to Gmail addresses

It’s time for another Fast Tip article. This tip I will show today has been around a while. I just learned of it as part of my ongoing research on all things Google. Ever need to provide your email and know for a fact you are going to be spammed in return? Of course. We […]

Matching data in 2 cells in Excel

Today’s quick blog article will talk about a favorite formula string I use time and time again.  If you read my blog, you know I use Excel as my tool of choice for data manipulation. My challenge today was to find and match emails in two columns.  What I wanted to do was weed out […]

Twitter Analytics – who knew

A client called and asked me about Twitter ads. He wanted to know if they were worth the investment.  I told him I hadn’t looked into it yet and set out to find out what I could for my own benefit as well.  Along the way, I discovered something nifty and free.  But really really […]

Letting employees use social media – opportunity or Pandora’s box

This week I had an interesting conversation with a client. They know we, as a business, are active on social media and are seeing benefits.  My customer has been dabbling in the space for a while but is finding it too hard to keep up with the effort and is considering allowing their employees to […]