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Friday Did You Know? Quick Searching with your Android device

Recently, I was playing around with Don’s Samsung phone and stumbled on a neat feature.  Maybe the younger crowd already knew this, but we old keyboarder types forget we can now use our Voice instead of our fingers.  Case in point – you can use voice recognition doing searches and launch it even quicker with […]

Tech Support Scams. Is it really Microsoft calling?

Ok, I’m mad.  This weekend I am getting to spend time, which I didn’t have much of, fixing an issue on my mom’s computer.  It’s not the fixing my mom’s computer that has me mad – it’s why we have to do it in the first place.  What happened to her is happening to lots […]

Friday Did You Know? Excel to ACT OLEDB failure

One of the cool things you can do with ACT! is pull in data into Excel for nice pivot charts and tables.  However, every once in a while Excel and ACT get a “divorce.”  By that I mean they stop talking to each other and you get an error when you attempt to connect to […]

Having trouble doing an Internet sync with ACT?

It’s Fast Tip time. Are you out of town and having a problem doing an Internet sync with ACT? Some routers will get grumpy with DNS settings or proxies, especially hotels. This will cause the sync to not work. Here’s something that might help. Open a Command prompt – make sure you right click on […]

Friday Did You Know – ACT Follow up Button

Lots of people are enjoying our new Friday did you know so I am asking my staff for ideas to keep this going.  Don said “you know what I use all the time?  The Follow up button when I close an activity.” It really is a good button and makes sense.  You just closed an […]