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Hotfix 5 for Act v18

Hotfix 5 for Act v18 is available. This update does not change the database schema version – therefore not everyone needs to install this unless you are experiencing one of the following issues.  In addition, this particular hotfix will open a browser window at the end of the update.  It will point you to a KB article where […]

Quotewerks and ACT – startup Tip

I like automating things.  Anything I can do to make life move a little smoother is a plus.  We use Quotewerks and ACT every day and I work off a remote installation.  That means I need to sync regularly to the master database. In addition, since I prepare quotes often during the day, my typical […]

ACT display issues on high DPI resolution devices – A workaround Fix

Act, among several other products including Quickbooks, has issues when running on very high resolution devices, including tablets and Surface units or computers with very large monitors.  Fields can overlay, or be too large to view. There is now a fix, found by two gentlemen working together over the internet. Marco Gil and Francisco Ferreira worked […]

Anne Johnson and Your Software Coach joins Patricia Egen Consulting

Chattanooga, TN, January 8, 2016– Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce that Anne Johnson, President of Your Software Coach, will join us as Assistant Vice President and Director of Business Development. “Anne is an accomplished trainer and consultant with over 30 years of experience in technology and business consulting. Her attention to detail […]