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Has Microsoft Hijacked your Computer? Here’s how to get it back

Microsoft has been aggressive in upgrading computers to Windows 10 – often without you realizing you did give them permission – you just didn’t realize you did.  So, if you, like many others, has just recently found you are now on Windows 10 and want to go back here’s what you do.   NOTE – […]

Act for Web Tips

ACT for the Web is a pretty cool application. It is a great way to access your ACT data from a browser which is convenient when you are not near your main computer. In the process of working with the tool, we’ve found a few tricks and recommendations on improving the installation and performance. I […]

Windows 10 and Automatic Upgrade – Lions and tigers and Bears, Oh MY!

If you have been getting emails from Microsoft advising you to upgrade, you may not have noticed some of them are requiring you to opt out of the upgrade. If you do not, our friends (and I use that term loosely) in Redmond will do it for you. Automatically. Overnight. Yes. Really. This just happened […]