ACT Business Intelligence Deep Dive

In working with clients to uncover “data gold” in their database, we have developed a series of reports using a variety of methods.  These reports drill down into your data and show you valuable information that you can leverage to help increase sales.

It has been proven that is it is cheaper to get work from existing clients than to try and find new ones.  When you use ACT, you have a wealth of information stored within your Database.  We will help you find that information in a more informative manner through a series of reports, dashboards and Excel spreadsheets.

We call this our BI Deep Dive.  BI is the acronym for Business Intelligence.  And that is exactly what it is.  Intelligence about your data.  We run over 30 reports and combine them with the database analysis reports into a PDF document. Things we uncover and provide are:

At the same time we run a series of internal reports about the health of your ACT database.  We can show you what you can do to improve performance based on the results of these reports.

The following images are examples of reports included in the package we deliver.

The deep dive is priced at $600.00.  If you like the data you see on the report we can show you how to continue to get the same reports we deliver on an ongoing basis.

Call today to discuss this in more detail.  We will need access to your data or the server for approximately 2 hours to generate the information.

If you already like what you see, you can click on the link below to order this analysis.  We will call you to set up the project.

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