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Company Wizard Plus Screen Shots

Company Wizard Plus Screen Shots

Customer Testimonial: Just to let you know my client was delighted with the results of Company Wizard Plus which has saved them many hours of work.” Steve Carpenter, Datasys UK

If you create a contact, you can tell ACT! to create a company record from that contact. This ACT! add-on creates a way to link multiple contacts and create companies all at once rather than one at a time. For example, you import large amounts of data into an ACT! database. Now, you want to do a mass update and build company records based on the data imported. You also want to make sure you create the contact links at the same time. The Company Wizard Plus tool is the answer. When in a contact list view, you locate the Company Wizard Plus on the Tools menu. You select the contacts you wish to work with.

This ACT! addon wizard will do the following:

  • Create Companies and Link Contacts function
    • Link a contact to an existing company record.
    • Create a company record if it does not exist and then link the contact.
    • Bypass contacts with blank company or contact names.
    • Multiple field match (up to 3 fields) to link, and none of these fields is required to be the Company Name
    • Turn contacts into Static Members of Company but not Linked
    • Provide a summary box showing how many company records were created, how many contacts were linked and how many were skipped.
  • Unlink Contacts function
    • Mass unlink selected contacts from the Contact List.
  • Update Linked Contacts function
    • Update linked fields on linked Contacts for the Companies displayed in the current Company list. This is a mass push of the field contents from the Company record to the Contact record.  There is an option to only fill blank fields in the Contact record from the linked field in the Company record although this is not the default or recommended action for this function
  • Update Linked Companies function
    • Update linked fields on linked Companies for the Contacts displayed in the current Contact list. This is a mass push of the field contents from the Contact record to the Company record.  There is an option to only fill blank fields in the Company record from the linked field in the Contact record, and this is the default and recommended action for this function.
  • Flatten Company Hierarchy function
    • This function takes all the divisions and sub-divisions of the displayed Company Detail record and rearranges them so that result is that all divisions and sub-divisions are now immediate children of the parent company.  The result is a two-level Parent Company with Divisions structure.
  • Delete Selected Companies function
    • This function deletes the selected (highlighted) companies from the Company list.  This allows multiple companies to be deleted in one operation.  Although this function is built in to Act! v16 this brings this function to earlier versions of Act!. 

When a Company Record is created by Company Wizard Plus, the following fields are copied from the Contact record to the new Company Record:

  • The default ACT! fields that get copied by Contact/Create Company from Contact
  • The additional fields Phone, Extension, Fax Phone, Fax Extension, and ID/Status
  • Any fields defined as Linked fields between Contact and Company in Define Fields
  • The fields selected in Company Wizard as the search/match fields

System Requirements: ACT! v19 and higher

Price: $79.99

Check out the full documentation here Company Wizard Plus documentation

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