Handheld Contact for ACT – Mobile device integration

Handheld Contact is comprised of a series of sophisticated software components that link your ACT! database and your wireless device with the ease and convenience of wireless synchronization.

The Handheld Contact Computer Application is the central administration console that is installed and works directly on the computer or server hosting your ACT! database(s). This computer application facilitates management of Handheld Contact users and the ACT! data which is synced between ACT! databases and handheld devices for those users.

At the core of Handheld Contact’s wireless Sync Service is their patent pending, wireless synchronization server technology. The Handheld Contact Sync Service is a secure, central intermediary between the ACT! database and the wireless device. All data, new or modified, is passed through the Handheld Contact Sync Service to ensure that any changes made to data are efficiently synchronized.

Their hosted service is protected using the most advanced technology for Wired Internet and Wireless Communications security available today. During synchronization, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both user password protection and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available only to
you as the subscriber. Your data is not accessible to unauthorized users in your organization or external parties.
The Handheld Contact Mobile Application is installed on a Handheld Contact users’ mobile device enabling automatic, two-way, wireless synchronization of ACT! data.

Handheld Contact leverages wireless carriers’ existing security channels and adds SSL encryption at all points of communication with the Handheld Contact Sync Service. The additional level of AES-128 bit encryption ensures that communication between all components of Handheld Contact are as secure as possible.*

The Handheld Contact Sync Service is a hosted solution enabling organizations to scale their Handheld Contact service without any additional infrastructure costs or concerns. As a hosted solution Handheld Contact offers unmatched reliability and security.  The Handheld Contact Sync Service is hosted at a world-class facility offering

  • 24/7 manned security, photo ID and access card entry, monitored closed circuit camera system
  • Environmental, fire protection, and climate control
  • 99.9% service level agreement
  • Dedicated generators and UPS
  • Redundant network connections
  • Dedicated firewall with intrusion detection system and constant server performance monitoring

Try it today – Trial download:

The following drawing shows how it all works.

hhc drawing


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