Error: Version string portion was too short or too long

If you see this error in Act: Error: Version string portion was too short or too long,  the issue is the Activation key being used by Act was created with a version mismatch on the Act licensing  system.

To resolve this do the following.

1) The Activation key needs to be corrected by Swiftpage – you need to contract to resolve the license key or contact us at and we can contact Swiftpage as your representative.

2) Once that has been resolved, browse to C:\ProgramData\ACT and delete the following files and folder:

Folder – ActData


  • license.daysoffline.txt
  • license.installid.txt
  • license.qlm_user.txt
  • license.txt

3) Go back through the Activation Wizard to register Act using the fixed Activation key