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Blast out that E-mail

You know how critical it is to stay in touch with your prospects and clients. But the act of sending out a simple newsletter can sometimes make you feel like Sisyphus (the guy that has to push a rock up a mountain for all eternity).

We understand that you want to send the E-mail today and you need it to be simple to do. We offer you Mail Merge. We’ve been building Email sending utilities for over five years, and this completely new Mail Merge is the best yet.

You want to

  1. Create a good looking message that is readable when E-mailed
  2. Easily pick the contacts you want to send to
  3. Avoid sending to duplicate or obsolete email addresses
  4. Send knowing that your ISP’s limits on email will be handled automatically
  5. Get it done today

Mail Merge is designed to help you each step of the way.


ACT! Specific Features


Mail Merge is included in the PEC Automation Bundle. Consider purchasing the entire bundle for a discounted savings.

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