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Our programming staff has put together software for ACT! that complement the ACT! program. These ACT! Add-ons handle mass creation of company records, advanced copy and replace features, mass duplicate contact removal, primary to secondary contact movement, ACT to Outlook Copy, and an Excel table showing all the fields in an ACT database. Check back often as we create and add new ACT Add-ons. In addition, we have created eBooks on various topics. We have a version of Duplicate remover that will work on versions of ACT prior to 10.0.2. In addition we have a version of Company Wizard that will work on all versions of ACT prior to ACT 2008. If you need a one of these versions call our offices to purchase a copy – (423)875-2652 or send an email to

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 Full Product Suite

  • Duplicate Remover Expert
  • Company Wizard Plus
  • History Cleanup
  • Advanced Copy fields
  • Advanced Delete user
  • Fields & Tables to Excel
  • ACT to Outlook Copy
  • Secondary Contact

Duplicate Remover Expert Wizard

For ACT 2013 and higher

Mass remove and merge duplicates based on up to 6 fields.

Perform “fuzzy” searches

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Company Wizard Plus

For ACT 2007 and higher

  • Create companies in mass from contact records.
  • Match on up to 3 fields.
  • Link or unlink contacts & companies.
  • Mass link field updates from contact to company or company to contact. 
  • Mass delete a company list
  • Mass update limited access on companies

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Best Seller Pack

Duplicate Remover Expert  

AND Company Wizard Plus

ACT 2013 & higher

14% Savings

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Sales Automation Manager (SAM)
Mail Merge
Web Prospect
PEC Automation Bundle – 
SAM, Mail Merge & Web Prospect 
1- 5 users
6-10 Users
11-30 Users
31-100 Users
101-500 Users
1- 5 users
6-10 Users
11-30 Users
31-100 Users
101-500 Users
1- 5 users
6-10 Users
11-30 Users
31-100 Users
101-500 Users



Advanced Delete User Wizard

For ACT 2010 & higher

Delete users and retain their history updates.

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 History Cleanup Wizard for ACT

For ACT 2009 & higher

Selectively delete History records based on multiple criteria

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 Secondary Contact Wizard

For ACT 2007 & higher

Demote primary contacts to secondary or mass promote secondaries to Primary

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Copy Fields Wizard

For ACT 2007 & higher

Copy/replace/swap any field with any field
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Fields and Tables to Excel Wizard

For ACT 2013 & higher

Copy field and table details to Excel for reporting.

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Advanced Dashboards with SQL eBook

Learn how to make complex dashboards for ACT.

Copy ACT to Outlook Wizard

For ACT 2010 & Higher

One way copy of Contacts and Calendar from ACT to Outlook

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