Secondary Contact Wizard

One of the best features of ACT! is the ability to add virtually unlimited Secondary Contacts to any contact allowing you to quickly locate alternate contacts, assistants, family members and other related contacts.Now that you have the ability to have comprehensive data for a secondary contact, you may want to take contacts that are primary and make them secondary to take advantage of the new capabilities., or take the secondary contacts that were migrated from other CRM tools, and convert them into ACT secondary contacts.

This add-on wizard will allow you do to the conversion. When you are in a contact list, the Secondary Contact wizard will show up on the Tools menu. You perform a lookup for contact(s) you want to demote along with the original Primary contact. You highlight (or select) the contact that will be the primary, and invoke the Secondary Contact item on the Tools menu. It will then do the following:Show a pop up a menu box that allows you to select whether or not you want to copy all the notes and histories from the contact that is being “demoted” to the primary contact. Give you an option to delete the secondary or keep it as a primary as well.

This product will also perform a Mass Promote of secondary contacts to Primary Contact and will give you the option to choose how you want the promote to work and what fields will be transferred to the contact record.

System Requirements: ACT! v19 and higher

Price: $49.99

Check out the full documentation here: Secondary Contact Wizard Help Manual

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