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25 Capture web form data and create contacts in ACT

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Web Prospect reads the mail you receive from your Web site forms and creates contacts in ACT!, saving you hours of re-typing.You simply define which Web fields correspond to which ACT! fields. Web Prospect can also be set up to enter related data from the Web into ACT! – for example, products the customer is interested in, or where they saw your ad. Web Prospect can read E-Mail directly from an Outlook folder, or it can download its own E-Mail directly using a separate POP account. A license of Web Prospect is included with the PEC Automation Bundle so consider purchasing a discounted bundle.



No Templates

Web Prospect is not a template based system. It reads the field names on your web form data and understands what to do with each field. Because of this, you do not have to buy a more expensive version to get multiple form support. You also don’t have to keep track of which registrations come from which web forms.

Integrates with Sales Automation Manager (SAM)

SAM is a powerful and flexible campaign automation system for ACT!. We can show you how to set up Web Prospect so that new contacts are automatically launched in a campaign when added to ACT!.

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Compatibility – ACT! v18 and higher – all versions of ACT! (except for ACT! for Web client)

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Pricing is based on the total number of Active Users in the ACT database that you want to use with Web Prospect (WP).  

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WP 1-5 wp1-5 1 to 5 Active ACT! users $289.00
WP 6-10 WP6-10 6 to 10 active ACT! users $495.00  
WP 11-30 WP11-30 11 to 30 active ACT! users $895.00  
WP 31-100 WP31-100 31 to 100 active ACT! users $1195.00  
WP101-500 WP101-500 101 to 500 active ACT! users $2995.00  
WP 501+ WP501 501 or more active ACT! users $3995.00