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Fast tip Friday. Running commands on the Windows Explorer Address bar

Today’s tip is something I do all the time. You can run commands from the Windows Explorer address bar. This is very handy if you want to create a file or open a command box in a specific directory. An example of this is launching the ACT Logviewer – a tool I use all the time. […]

Friday Did You Know? Quick Searching with your Android device

Recently, I was playing around with Don’s Samsung phone and stumbled on a neat feature.  Maybe the younger crowd already knew this, but we old keyboarder types forget we can now use our Voice instead of our fingers.  Case in point – you can use voice recognition doing searches and launch it even quicker with […]

Friday Did You Know – ACT Follow up Button

Lots of people are enjoying our new Friday did you know so I am asking my staff for ideas to keep this going.  Don said “you know what I use all the time?  The Follow up button when I close an activity.” It really is a good button and makes sense.  You just closed an […]

ACT v17 Virtual Roadshow

ACT! v17 is right around the corner.  We’re holding a virtual roadshow to highlight the new features, fixes and enhancements as well as showcasing existing capabilities added in the last few releases.  This is not simply a “show you the new stuff” webinar.   This is a day in the life Acme Manufacturing.  We’ll show […]

ACT Client vs Web Features – Updated

I wrote this blog post a while ago and thanks to a request from a reader, I am updating it to be reflective of what is available now in ACT v16.  I have highlighted in RED the new features. We get this question so often I thought I’d post a blog article showing the main […]

Collapsing blank lines in ACT reports – including envelopes and labels

You can configure fields on ACT! Envelopes, Labels and Reports to collapse for contacts with no data in that field by enabling the Collapse if blank attribute for that field on the template. Follow the steps below: From the Report Designer and the Envelope, Label or Report template; right-click the field you wish to collapse for contacts with no […]

Groups in ACT – the power of Consolidation

I love creating groups in ACT – or for that matter, in any CRM.  It’s a way of consolidating contacts into meaningful relationships.  Examples are christmas lists, prospects, do not call or email, and many others.  A client of mine has a “big spender” group – really.  You know what that one contains – it’s […]

Customer Relationship Tracking – Why it works

Everyone who reads my blog knows by now that we work with Customer Relationship Software.  It’s one of the applications in the aresenal of tools used by businesses to increase sales and customer loyalty.  We use it ourselves as well.  When you are a smaller business, you need every trick in the book to stay […]

Patricia Egen Consulting products certified for ACT V16

Patricia Egen Consulting is pleased to announce all our ACT addons are certified and tested to work with ACT V16.  Check out our eStore for more details.  eStore

Open a car with a cell phone – who knew?

Today after my Rotary meeting I witnessed something quite interesting.  One of the members had locked his keys in his car.  He got on his cell phone and called his wife who then clicked on the remote device she had on her key chain, and I’ll be darned, it opened his car.  Oh my gosh. […]