Friday Did You Know? Create Holiday labels in ACT quickly

By Patricia Egen • December 12th, 2014

As I sit here tagging names in my ACT database to add to a Christmas Email Wish List, I realized this may not be something other people know about.  It’s our Friday did you know.

What I do is bring up a list of my contacts and then click the Tag Mode button. This way, when I put my cursor on a contact line it “selects” that contact.  This way I can eyeball search for names of people I want to add to a particular Christmas mailing – you know what I mean.  There are clients we deal with only occasionally and some we deal with on a regular basis and I created two different cards.  I wanted the one going to our very loyal customers to say just a little extra to express our gratitude for their continued loyalty and support.  I find the eyeball tag method a bit more time consuming but this way I click on names I recognize but may not have yet “labeled” as key customers in our database.  There are a variety of ways you can use the tag and select method once you have learned how quick it is.

After I have tagged the names I want included, I think click on the left panel where the new ACT has nicely places actions it thinks I might be able to use – and one of them is Print Labels.   If I wanted, I could also go into groups and save this lookup for future reference.  Or get even smarter and use Edit Replace Field and mark an open field in ACT with a string like “christmas card list” or “extra special client” – you get the idea.

I hope you find this tip helpful and that each and everyone has a wonderful and blessed holiday season.  We appreciate all our blog readers and look forward to providing additional tips in the coming years.


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