Act! Subscription Pricing

act_cir_orgAct!, a leading customer relationship management software, just got better.  Subscription pricing is now available, providing a flexible alternative to purchasing your software.  You can still purchase the software* and own it at the end of your subscription year – or continue using it at a low, monthly price per user.  You make the choice.  

Act! Premium can be on-premise, over the Web or self-hosted

This Act! subscription license can be run on your own servers or computers, on a web server, or on a hosted server.  The only difference between this license and buying the software outright is that it is a monthly or annual “lease” or subscription which allows you flexibility in how you spend your money.

The subscription license includes:

What is the Price for Act! Subscription?  $30 per user per month paid annually**. That’s it.

*software purchase can be made at the end of the 1 year subscription for an additional fee
** price is subject to change and must be verified at