Fields and Tables to Excel Wizard

Fields and Tables Screen Shot

Fields and Tables Screen Shot

This standalone ACT add-on executable opens Excel, and creates a separate spreadsheet for every table (entity) within an ACT! database. Tables included are; Contact, Group, Company, Activity, Notes, Histories, opportunity and secondary contact. This extract is helpful if you are working on XML reports or with reporting tools such as Crystal. Each spreadsheet lists all the fields and the following columns:

Display Name The name that shows on a layout
Table Name The internal name of the ACT! table
Column Name The actual internal name of the field
Data Type Character, date/time, number, annual event
Length Size of field
Pick List Name of drop down list
Is Custom Yes/No is it a custom field
Is Defined Yes/No is it manipulable by Tools/Define Fields
Is Primary Yes/No is it a primary field
Allow Edit Yes/No Allow editing
Allow Blank Yes/No Allow blank fields
Allow Null Yes/No Allow null fields
Create History Yes/No Create history when updated
Trigger on Focus Shows the path if a trigger exists
Trigger on Lost Focus Shows the path if a trigger exists
Trigger on Change Shows the path if a trigger exists
Default Value Shows the default value if present

Price: $19.99

Version for ACT v19 and higher

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