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As you use ACT! you generate History records pretty much constantly.  Some are generated explicitly by your actions as you close Activities, change fields, and specifically do the Record History action.  Some are generated for you by ACT! such as E-mail Sent or Access Changed.

ACT! has a built-in mechanism for purging old History records but it is an all-or-nothing process to purge records older than a certain time period.  But to most people some history types mean more than others.  Some you really don’t need after a short period of time and others you may want to never purge.

History Cleanup Wizard for ACT! CRM allows for the selective purging of History records from an ACT! data base.  History records can be filtered on the following criteria:

  • Date range (either between two dates or older than a given date)
  • History Type
  • Record Manager
  • A word or phrase in the Regarding field
  • A word or phrase in the Details field

A History will be purged only if it meets every criteria specified so you can be very selective in what you purge and what you keep.

A second function available only for Contact Histories is to remove embedded images from the History records rather than delete them entirely.  The selection mechanism is identical to the History Delete function described above.

System Requirements: ACT! v19 or higher

Price: $49.99

Check out the full documentation here HistoryCleanupWizardMainHelp

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