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Data Conversion

ACT! Data Conversion Services

We have experience converting from many CRM systems and generic data base managers to ACT!, as well as converting from ACT! to many generic data base managers.We possess the necessary knowledge required to successfully convert ACT! database systems.

Examples of successful conversions:

  • Microsoft CRM to ACT!
  • Bill Good Gorilla Marketing to ACT!
  • Goldmine to ACT!
  • Lotus Notes data bases to ACT!
  • Generic Microsoft SQL Server tables to ACT!
  • Generic Microsoft Access to ACT!
  • ACT! to generic Microsoft SQL Server
  • ACT! to generic Microsoft Access
  • Older versions of ACT to ACT SQL versions
  • Quickbooks to ACT


We can handle all major ACT! record types:


  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Companies
  • Activities
  • Histories
  • Notes
  • Secondary Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Attached files/emails
  • Custom fields and tables


Goldmine Conversions

What we convert:

  • Contacts
  • Custom Fields
  • Activities
  • All Histories
  • Completed E-mails
  • Linked documents - we provide a URL linking back to the original file location.

SQL or dBase - Our software works with both versions of GoldMine data.


What does not move:

  • Filters
  • Projects
  • InfoCenter
  • Automated Processes
  • Referrals
  • Groups
  • Record Alerts.

Our tool is a service. Every database will be different so we do a preliminary analysis and then give a quote.

Salesforce Conversions

With CSV files we can get the following out of SF into ACT!:

  • Accounts -> Companies
  • Contacts -> Contacts
  • Leads -> Contacts (with ID/Status = 'Lead')
  • Notes to Notes (Contact and Account)
  • Closed Tasks (Activites) to History (Contact and Account)
  • Open tasks to Activities (Calendar) in ACT!
  • Opportunities to Opportunities (at least as a Total opportunity price). If they have Line Items in their Opportunities we can get them as Opportunity/Products.

If this is a corporate account, we also can get attachments.


Our tool is a service. Every database will be different so we do a preliminary analysis and then give a quote. Fields in ACT! or the other CRM systems are easy to handle. We are happy to do the conversion over the weekend and provide you a new data base in the new format on Monday morning. This way you are only restricted on making updates for a few business hours.

Pricing is on a per-project basis. After analyzing your data, we give you a quote for the work and never bill more than we quote. Contact us by telephone or email to discuss your specific requirements. (423)875-2652 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Data conversion programs are our area of expertise and we understand the importance of properly reformatting your data into the functional format you require to continue to work efficiently.  Trust Patricia Egen Consulting for all your data conversion solutions!


Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC

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Main office: 423-875-2652 • Arizona office: 480-788-7504 • Florida office: 754-300-282