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Donald Egen Resume


Donald P. Egen is Vice President and Chief Scientist of Patricia Egen Consulting with over 40 years of experience in data processing including programming, systems programming, project management, performance tuning, capacity planning, network configuration and implementation and hardware planning with specialization in IBM z/OS, MVS, Linux, all versions of Windows and Windows Server and OS/2. He is the developer of several popular add-ons for  Act! CRM.

Key skill sets: Application development, Analysis, Capacity planning


  • Don's primary role at Patricia Egen Consulting is Chief Scientist. He is responsible for new technology research, performance analysis, configuration and migration planning and implementation, application development, training and testing.
  • Don has extensive experience in system administration and network configurations for Windows, IBM z/OS, AIX, OS2, OS/400 and Linux.
  • Don is a highly skilled programmer, proficient in multiple programming languages including Assembler, Fortran, C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, Cobol and various other languages. He has been on a long term project assisting with the development of a commercially-available change management product that runs on z/OS, Wintel, and AIX plaforms
  • Don is a Principal Certified Lotus Professional in Systems Administration. He has designed, implemented and configured numerous networks and performed migrations from OS2 and NT to Linux, OS400, and z/OS. Don utilizes his E.E. degree extensively throughout his network implementations. He is a valuable asset in network performance analysis and trouble shooting.
  • Don has Project Leader experience in performance tuning, capacity planning, and hardware planning efforts for a central MVS(z/OS)/JES3 data processing installation. He has provided technical consultation to all levels of Information Systems management and participated in strategic and tactical planning for central data processing installation.
  • Don created the performance tuning and capacity planning efforts for a central z/OS/JES3 data processing installation. He developed the tools and processes for the capacity planning and performance tuning efforts. One of this tools was purchased by the IBM corporation for implementation within one of their product lines.
  • He held the role of Project Leader for the MVS/JES3 installation, customization, and deployment efforts. Don played a key role in a data center relocation project.
  • ACT Certified Consultant
  • PCLP - Lotus
  • LOMA certification

Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC

803 Creek Overlook, Chattanooga, TN 37415
Main office: 423-875-2652 • Arizona office: 480-788-7504 • Florida office: 754-300-282