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PEC Automation Tools Seminar

This seminar is 6 hours and will be held over the course of 6 weeks - 2 hours per class.  The classes will start at 2PM and run until 4PM (note there is no hard stop - if necessary, we will extend it to 5PM).

The purpose of the seminar is to familiarize a SAM consultant with the process of analysis and asking the right questions to determine the best workflow automation for the client.  SAM (Sales Automation Manager) and Web Prospect components will be discussed as well as how to implement them.  The final 2 hours will be building actual SAM campaigns that can be quickly utilized in customer installations.

The following is the course agenda:

Day 1 - August 12

  • Analysis tools and techniques
  • Asking the right questions
  • What does the customer really need
  • Role playing

Day 2 - August 25

  • SAM and Web Prospect fundamentals
  • SAM preconditions and conditions
  • Building mail merge documents
  • Running SAM campaigns and distributing campaigns built by consultant
  • Assign homework to bring in September 9

Day 3 - September 9

  • Build actual campaigns presented by class as homework assignments
  • Build and run common SAM campaigns
  • Show how to download and install on Demo environments

Cost: $190

Click here to Register: http://www.egenconsulting.com/events/pec-automation-class/

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