Welcome RKA Associates Customers

Hi, my name is Pat Egen and you should have received an email today from Rita Kogstad. I can imagine you are excited for her that she is retiring to go do all those things we want to do when we retire. Me too.

I also imagine you are going “wow, will the next person be as good as Rita?” I believe you will find that we are equally as talented as Rita and that we too care about our customers.  Yes, we are stepping into big shoes. But  I assure you, you will like working with us.  We get a kick out of working with clients to either fix what’s broke or enhance or improve what is already working.

Now more about us.  My company has 6 people, including 5 certified Act consultants. We have been working in IT for over 30 years so if we don’t know how to do something we know who to call.  You are in good hands.

From a logistics side, we will keep the same billing rate as Rita. We have a very good support infrastructure in place. If you have a problem, it’s very simple.  Send an email to support@egenconsulting.com.  That is a broadcast email that goes to all of us but we always have an “on call” person for the week who answers those emails first.  If that person is very busy, they reach out to the rest of us with a white flag and say “help, can you handle this.” That means you know you will be contacted as soon as possible.  Just like it was with Rita.

I always assign a key contact person to companies so we get to know you at a deeper level.  Your key contact person will be Wendy Cummins.  You should use the main support email as your primary method for reaching out to us. Over the course of the next several weeks, Wendy or myself will be reaching out to personally tell you more about us.  You can also read more at our website.  I often do blog articles I think you will find helpful and we send out periodic newsletters as well.  And, we are software developers.  We have developed several addons for Act so we may have tools that can enhance your Act environment.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Visit our website link below to learn more about us.  And the photos you see on the website are us as well so you get an idea of with whom you are speaking.

Pat Egen


(423) 875-2652