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Full-service business consulting firm with an emphasis on technology. We specialize in business process analysis, computer programming, software administration, and training. Our mission is to provide quality service, maintain successful client relationships and become a trusted business partner. Offices in Tennessee, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, and North Carolina.



Technology Solutions for Every Industry

A World Of Infinite Opportunities

Act! CRM Desktop and Cloud

Get all your act needs from one place only: buy the best Act! version for
your company, get consulting, installation, programming, customization,
custom dashboards, and training. All of this with a team of experts!


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Integrate your Quotes into Act!

Quotewerks Specialists

We are specialized in Quotewerks: our developers and support
will match your installation and customization fast and well done.



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B.I. Professional Reports

Improving in each detail

Business Intelligence Deep Dive - We analyze your CRM application and
provide a series of reports that show the current status of your data.
Excellent for helping determine sales opportunities. Visit our services
section for a more in-depth description.

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Special Project Needs Special Programming

 Custom Programming 

Custom programming and data conversion from multiple
applications. Examples include Goldmine, Salesforce.com,
BCM, MSCRM and other CRM packages. Call today for pricing.



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Patricia Egen Consulting, LLC

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Main office: 423-875-2652 • Arizona office: 480-788-7504 • Florida office: 754-300-2827