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Moving your CRM Automation programs to a new computer

Moving your CRM Automation programs (Mail Merge, Sales Automation Manager (SAM), and Web Prospect) settings and other files to a new computer is straight forward.  Here are the steps involved.

Install the programs on the new computer but do not run them until the files have been copied from the old computer.

Mail Merge and SAM store their "public" files, like merge templates and campaigns, by default on directories in your Windows My Documents folder.  You may have moved these files to a different location, such as a shared location on a file server.  If your new computer can access this shared location you may not want to or need to move these files.  If the files are in your My Documents folder you will want to copy them to your new computer.

All three programs store their settings and options (mail server account definitions, web form mappings, location of shared files, and other data shown on the Settings tabs of the programs) in files in the Windows AppData area of your Windows user profile.  These files will need to be copied to your new computer to retain them.

If the old and new computer can see each other on the same network using the Windows File Sharing function the files can be copied directly over the network from the old computer to the new.  Otherwise some other media, such as a memory stick, or a shared cloud store (OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) can be used to move the files.

The easiest way to find the Settings files on the old computer is to use Windows File Explorer and type %APPDATA% in the address bar at the top of the screen.  At that location is a directory named Northwoods Software.  In that directory is a directory for each program (MailMerge for Mail Merge, SalesAutomationManager for SAM, and WP for Web Prospect).  Copy the entire contents of the directory for the program you are moving to the shared media.  You can do all three at once if you want.

On the new computer, again use Windows File Explorer to get to you %APPDATA% location by typing %APPDATA% in the address bar.  Create a directory called Northwoods Software there, and in there create the appropriate sub-directory for the programs you are moving.  Copy the contents of the directories from the shared media to put the files on the new computer.

You can do the same for the files in the My Documents folder.  Again everything by default is located in a directory named Northwoods Software in My Documents, with a sub-directory named Mail Merge for Mail Merge and Sales Automation Manager for SAM.  All of Web Prospect's data is in the Settings files above so there are no My Documents files for Web Prospect.

Once you have the files copied to the new computer, you will want to check the content of two of the Settings files as they contain absolute file paths to other of the directory structures you just created on your computer.  If you are using a different Windows user name on the new computer than you used on the old computer you will want to edit the Settings file before you start up the programs.  The files involved are MailMerge\Settings.xml for Mail Merge, and SalesAutomationManager\SAMSettings.txt for SAM.  Browse under %APPDATA% to the above files and use Notepad to edit the file contents.  Do not use a program like Microsoft Word to do this editing.  The  files must remain as plain text files.  Look for lines that contain the text "C:\Users\user name\Documents" and if necessary change the text so that the file path is valid on the new computer.  Then save the settings file.

Now start up each program you are using in turn.  Start with Mail Merge if you have it and one or more of the other programs.  The programs will start up in 30-day trial mode.  Verify that all the settings copied over correctly and that you can see the different template and campaign files that you copied over.  If all is OK you can then contact us to move the license registration to the new computer. Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information: the computer name, the Act! version and number of licenses, and the version of your Automation software.

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