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Quotewerks - Error opening log file

Use Quotewerks on a remote site or laptop? Ever get the "Error opening log file" message when trying to perform a sync?  There are usually two reasons for this.

  1.  You have to be on a private network in order to do a Quotewerks sync. It needs to write back to the sync log file which resides on the server hosting the master Quotewerks database.  If you are not "truly" on the private network (i.e. forgot to turn on the VPN) you will get this error because Quotewerks can't see the shared drive.
  2. Quotewerks will hold that file "captive" if someone is doing a sync and release it when done.  If you have more than one person on remote sites and they do a sync at the same time, you'll get this error.  Just wait a bit and try again.

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