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You can de-duplicate a Group of Contacts. Is there a way to de-duplicate a group of Companies?

ACT! does not have the concept of a "group" of Companies as it has a Group of Contacts. So you can't tell Duplicate Remover Wizard Expert to process a Group of Companies like you can a Group of Contacts. But it is possible to have Duplicate Remover Wizard Expert process a subset of Company records by using the following process:

1. Since the Company record out of the box does not have User fields, create a temporary "Tag" field using Tools/Define Fields on the Company record. It should be Character and the Allow Blanks check box should be checked. 2. Use Lookup from the Company Detail view or Company List view to construct the list of Company records you want to process. 3. Use Edit/Replace on the "Tag" field created in step 1 to mark these records with some non-blank value (the exact value is not relevant, other than it must be non-blank and all records you want to process must have the SAME value). 4. Start Duplicate Remover Wizard Expert and on the screen where you specify the fields to match on, specify the "Tag" field as the first match field, and specify non-fuzzy matching (do not check the Fuzzy box) and ignore if blank (DO check the Ignore if Blank box).

This sequence will cause Duplicate Remover Wizard Expert to ignore any record that has Not been tagged with the non-blank value in step 3, allowing only that subset of Company records to be processed.

When you are finished you can either ignore the field added in step 1 or use Tools/Define Fields to delete it, as the field and its contents has served its purpose.

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