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ID/Status field is not merging into Mail Merge document template

In order to insert the "id/status" field from Act! into your Mail Merge template, you must update the field in your Word document template to be "IDStatus" instead of "ID/Status".

Script error when launching Mail Merge

If you see this error when you open Mail Merge, it is a bug that shows up on some versions of Windows trying to show the default "Mail Merge News" page from our web site in version 17. Just click No. It does not affect the functions of Mail Merge.

Mail Merge Script Error

Manually defining the required fields for Sales Automation Manager to your Act! data base.

You may be in a situation where you are using Sales Automation Manager on your workstation and you have an Act! Remote data base on your workstation.  The Master data base is elsewhere (such as in a Cloud Web hosting environment) and not directly accessible by the SAM program.  The problem is SAM wants to define the fields that are needed for managing the Campaign for you and this is not possible if SAM only has direct access to a Remote data base. SAM assumes it has access to

Moving your CRM Automation programs to a new computer

Moving your CRM Automation programs (Mail Merge, Sales Automation Manager (SAM), and Web Prospect) settings and other files to a new computer is straight forward.  Here are the steps involved. Install the programs on the new computer but do not run them until the files have been copied from the old computer. Mail Merge and SAM store their "public" files, like merge templates and campaigns, by default on directories in your Windows My Documents folder.  You may have moved these files

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