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PEC Automation Tools


PEC Automation Tools

Implement Completely Automated Marketing

The PEC Automation tools include three applications that separately or combined in a bundle are exactly what you need if you want to implement powerful marketing automation, "drip marketing", sales automation, or workflow in conjunction with your ACT! and CSV contact databases.

These tools are the perfect solution for you if:

  • You are receiving lots of contact data from people filling in webforms and you want all that data to be automatically entered in your ACT! database.
  • You want to respond more rapidly to new prospects and customers, and do more thorough and consistent follow up. Or, you are looking for an automated standard process to guide your sales and marketing efforts.
  • You want your staff be more productive and follow up with activities such as phone calls, meetings, or to-do's, or you want to generate outgoing correspondence like email, letters, or faxes automatically rather than manually.
  • You want to automate high volume email and paper mailing marketing campaigns

A Powerful Combination of Products

The PEC Automation tools can be purchased separately or as an automation Bundle. The bundle is a discounted combination of our three powerful automation add-ons for ACT!:

WebProspect -automates adding contact's web form data into ACT!
Sales Automation Manager - automates correspondence, activities, and decision making; create powerful automated processes.
Mail Merge - automates high volume email sending, letters and faxes; merge engine for SAM or stand alone with CSV files.
Full PEC Automation Bundle - all three products for one discounted price

Note - these links are for the current version of ACT.  To download trials that work with older versions of ACT, click here:

The following graphic shows how these products work together.



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