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Lions Tigers and IOT, Oh My!

If you have have not heard about it yet, you will in the future. IOT is the Internet of Things. Basically this is all the equipment, appliances and cars out there in the world that can access the internet. The reasoning behind this is a good one - maintenance of appliances and vehicles, systems to turn them on and off, etc.  However, they have now become a great back door for Denial of Service (DOS) attacks. Last week, DYN, one of the main DNS server hosting companies was down because of a

Tech Support Scams. Is it really Microsoft calling?

Ok, I'm mad.  This weekend I am getting to spend time, which I didn't have much of, fixing an issue on my mom's computer.  It's not the fixing my mom's computer that has me mad - it's why we have to do it in the first place.  What happened to her is happening to lots of people and that vulnerability is the real topic of this blog article. Here's what happened. We, as I am sure a lot of you are as well, are the tech support for our parents and their computer usage.  

Having trouble doing an Internet sync with ACT?

Patricia Egen Consulting Fast TipsIt's Fast Tip time.

Are you out of town and having a problem doing an Internet sync with ACT? Some routers will get grumpy with DNS settings or proxies, especially hotels. This will cause the sync to not work. Here's something that might help.

Open a Command prompt - make sure you right click on the Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. Then, on the prompt, type in the following:

ipconfig /flushdns

This will clear out your computers "brain" and what it remembers as DNS settings.

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