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Act! v19 Key Features

Act! v19 has been released and we are currently rolling it out to customers. With each new release, Act! keeps fixing outstanding issues or requirements from customer feedback. In addition, it is improving and modernizing the application to fit the current environment.

One of the most exciting aspects of the recent releases is the WebAPI. It has put in place a rich infrastructure to allow Act! to interact and communicate with other applications, such as Quickbooks online, EventBrite, Paypal and even Facebook. All of these systems have their own WebAPI and that is the magic. That's how they communicate with each other. This evolution in connectivity truly broadens the reach and capability of both Act! and your usage of the application. There are several blog articles on the internet (and some on this website as well) that talk about the various API connections. Take the time to check them out. Look in particular at Zapier.

Another huge feature about v19 is the support for Office 64Bit. This is not to be confused with Windows 64bit which Act! has been compatible with for several versions. This is for the Office product suite, including Outlook and Word. More and more organizations need to have access to the higher power of 64bit and Act! needed to "play well in that sandbox." Now it does. This was no small undertaking for the Act! development team. We are glad that it is now in place. 

We here at Patricia Egen Consulting are big users of eMarketing (as you should be as well). In v19 campaigns are now 5 times faster (a big jump), you can cancel a send, and the results are updated in place in history. That to me is the biggest feature that sets Act! eMarketing apart from other eMarketing applications. The information about who read your email, how many times they opened it and which links they clicked on is right with the contact record - where it should be.

Finally, a really cool feature added is Act! Companion Mobile App. This little app lives on your smartphone and talks to your Act! database - EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE A WEB SERVER. That last piece of the sentence is the important one. Many customers run Act! Premium but do not have a web implmentation. If your PC is on the internet and stays connected, you can get Act! data on your smartphone device without a web server. That is huge for many of my smaller customers. I'm looking forward to installing that for several of them in the near future.

We are very pleased with how Swiftpage is endeavoring to make Act! a key player in the CRM space. They are turning it into the right tool at the right price - for where you need it, when you need it and how you need it.

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