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Addins for Outlook missing - Act v20.1

Version 20.1 has resolved many of the Outlook and Act integration issues. Some residual side affects may still exist and after the update you may notice the Act addins do not show up in Outlook.

Here's a fix for that:

Close both Act and Outlook. Open a secure Command Prompt (right click on the Command button and choose Run as Administrator - or in Windows 10 choose Start Command Prompt - Admin)

Change to the folder where Act is installed (cd "C:\Program Files (x86)\ACT\Act for Windows")

Type "regasm actoutlookaddin.dll" and click enter.

Type "gacutil /i actoutlookaddin.dll" and click enter.

Type "exit" to leave the command prompt.

Reopen Outlook and the addins should be there.

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