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Clearing and resetting the ACT and Google Contact integration

Over the past year or two I have had a love/hate relationship with my Motorola Android phone.  It has a memory leak and without rooting the phone I can't clean out that bad file.  So, I keep resetting it to factory mode and reloading my contacts.

Recently I started using the ACT and Google integration which works really well.  However, there is a rather obscure method to resetting the contacts.  Since my phone is so grumpy about memory, I decided to scale back the number of contacts I would put on the phone.

I went into Contacts on Gmail and removed all the contacts and figured I'd just push the contacts again from ACT.  Wrong.  Not that easy.  So, to say some of you the same headache, here's what I found out, thanks to the Sage knowledgebase.

To restore synchronization of all Sage ACT! and Google contacts, please use the following steps:

IMPORTANT: This process will reset the synchronization action and any previously synchronized contacts that remain in both Sage ACT! and Google may be synchronized again, causing duplicates. After making backups of the Sage ACT! database and Google contacts, duplicate contacts should be removed from one of the programs before initiating the synchronization process again.

Close Sage ACT! and Google.
    1. Launch Windows® Explorer.
    2. Browse to the following location:
      • Windows XP®, Windows Server® 2003C:\Documents and Settings\*username*\Application Data\ACT\Act Data\Google Sync
      • Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, Windows Server® 2008:C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Roaming\ACT\Act Data\Google Sync
    3. Delete or rename all files that end with ".metadata". (hint, I only deleted the ones that had the word "contact" in them.)
    4. Launch Sage ACT! and test synchronization with Google.
Presto, contacts back the way I wanted them to be.


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