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Friday Did You Know - IOS 8.1 Updates and battery drain

Don't kill the computerSo, those of us with iPhones and Ipads have finally decided it's safe to update our devices to IOS 8.1.  And we realize our batteries don't last half the time they used to. What the heck.

No worries.  There is a potential fix.  I found this out on the web doing a Google Search.

On either device, go into Settings - General - Reset.  You want to reset all options.

You won't lose data - you will lose your passwords for wireless hubs, etc.  But it's so much better re-entering that information than watching your phone go to a dead battery as my phone did tonight after only 3 hours on the phone.  Well, it was an important support call.

Hope this helps someone else who runs into this issue.

Ciao y'all.

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