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It's our 20 Year Anniversary

20 years ago, I went out on a limb, cut the cord with corporate America and started our company. It's been fun, and at times, pretty much an up hill journey with some years being better than others. But we are still here thanks to a really wonderful staff of people holding us up alive and well.

It's our customers that have made us successful.  And our vendors and products.  We have written products people love.  We support products people love.  One product in particular is Act!.  Today, the President and CEO of Swiftpage, the owners of Act! gave us a really nice "shout out" in a tweet.  The qualify of the product and the people running the business is why we are still loyal supporters, implementors and users of Act! to this day.  In our own world, we use it every single day and can not run our business without it.

Here's a big thank you to John Oechsle for remembering us and also for helping to keep a really "awesome" product alive and well in the marketplace.

This is a link to John's Twitter post.  https://twitter.com/hjoech/status/1037348387073544194

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