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Quotewerks Version 5.4 Build 7 is available

Quotewerks Version 5.4 Build 7 is available.  The key item (we are excited about) is the integration with Act has been totally rewritten and has so many new features we are beyond thrilled. If you want to hear more or want to see a demo, call today at (423)875-2652.

Click here to see the list of new features in QuoteWerks Version 5.4 Build 7!
Improved Etilize Integration
The QuoteWerks Product Content Subscription (Etilize) now offers an "In Stock Recently" checkbox to limit only items that have had stock within the last 24 hours. Additionally, the integration has been upgraded to return results faster and two new columns have been added on the Etilize search window (List High and List Low).
Amazon Business Integration Update (USA Only)
Place electronic orders directly with Amazon Business from QuoteWerks! Search for items in the Amazon Business product source and place orders for those items through the QuoteWerks Purchasing Window directly with Amazon Business.
Email Template Improvements 
Email templates now include To, CC, and BCC options for the templates. Users are also able to select other users’ templates, making it easier than ever to share email templates across departments and similar job roles.
New QuoteValet Activity Notifications
Activity notifications have been expanded to include more actions from QuoteValet including Payment Failed, Customer Intends to Pay, Comment posted by Sales Rep, Expired Quote Viewed.  Keep everyone in the loop with activity notifications!
ACT! Integration - New Features!
The ACT! integration has been completely re-written to add new features such as linking all attachments and follow ups to the opportunity, the ability to rename any activity created by QuoteWerks, ability to integrate with ACT! while ACT! is not running, and many more.

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