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Stonefield Query for ACT new release

One of our favorite reporting tools for ACT and SQL is Stonefield Query.  They have issued a new release. In this release:

1. Stonefield Query is compatible with the new Act! 2014 Service Pack 1 (16.1).

2. A new chart type is now available: Donut, which is similar to Pie but with a hole in the middle.

3. New fields "Activity User ID", "Activity User Name", and "Is Organizer Record" have been added to the Company Activity, Contact Activity, Group Activity, and Opportunity Activity tables in the Act! 2010+ data provider.

4. In the Act! 2010+ data provider activity tables, "Organizer" fields now appear as "Scheduled For" to match the Act! activity screen.

5. You can now define a chart with a second values field; this field is charted as a second series against the right axis.

For a complete listing of all the new features check out the Stonefield Query Blog at:


If you are interesting in more details or to purchase a copy, contact us at (423)875-2652.

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