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Twitter Analytics - who knew

Twitter ads under settingsA client called and asked me about Twitter ads. He wanted to know if they were worth the investment.  I told him I hadn't looked into it yet and set out to find out what I could for my own benefit as well.  Along the way, I discovered something nifty and free.  But really really hidden from plain view.  Which is true of a lot of things.  What I found is the topic of this blog article - Twitter Analytics.

Here's what you need to do to find these little gems.  Logon to your twitter account and go into settings.  Once there click on Twitter Ads.  See, that's the part I would not have done because I "thought" it would cost me money.  The moral here would be to click and find out.  Which I did as part of my analysis and stumbled on a setting at the top that said Analytics.

Finding Twitter Analytics - hidden under AdsAnalytics is always a good thing - it means it's tracking data about your tweets and followers.  You can do some analysis of how well your tweets are performing.  So, I clicked the link clicking that link, I found the entry saying timeline and it produced a wealth of information.   The screen show below shows just the top part of my analytics.  You can broaden the timeline as well.  Wow, what a nice thing to stumble on.  You can download the data as an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file.  Using other tools you can start to determine if your Tweets are generating leads for your business.  All this data, by the way, is part of what is being called Big Data - but ah, that's for another blog post coming soon.  Stay tuned.

[caption id="attachment_1578" align="alignleft" width="923"]Twitter Analytics for Patricia Egen Consulting Twitter Analytics for Patricia Egen Consulting[/caption]

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