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Welcome 2019 - Time for New Year's Goals

It's a new year and time for new year's resolutions. A few years ago I started calling  them "goals" because a goal has, hopefully, a finite deadline. Resolutions often don't.

As I sat here pondering what were my 2019 personal goals, I also starting putting together my business goals. And I came up with a fun way to match up common terms we use when creating personal goals and relating them to business. Here's what I came up with.

1. Managing weight. Just like we personally want to control our diet and weight, we want to do the same with our business. Are we too heavily invested in one product or service? Are we too light in new customers? Think about putting in place some goals to fix those areas.

2. Save money. Ah, that one is always on my list. Applying it to business is also a good idea. Are you spending monies on services you no longer need? Put in a goal to talk to your utility providers for reduced rates or plans. Doing an analysis of your spending is always a good idea.

3. Get healthier. Just as we want our bodies to stay healthy we want the same for our business. Go back into your CRM and look at trends in your business. Is one area being neglected? Are certain products or services on the decline? Look at what your customers have been requesting and adjust your marketing plan to address those needs.

4. Learn a new skill. As part of idea 3, learning a new skill can provide a new revenue source and aid in getting the business healthier. Look for trends in your industry. Is there a niche you can fill easily? Once you have found that niche, use your CRM to send out marketing blasts to share the knowledge. 

5. Read more. Again, this will help idea 4 above. Go out to websites that pertain to your industry and read up on new products, services and trends. You want to stay ahead of both your competition and your customers. They too are reading the same articles. When they call, be ready.

We can help you mine your CRM data for trends - we are doing that exact thing in our own data.  Call our offices today (423-875-2652) to set up time to show you what we can do.

Happy new year and may 2019 be prosperous for us all.


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