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What's new in Act! v24?

You might be wondering if you should plan an upgrade to Act! v24.  Here are the highlights of this release:

  • New 64-bit Architecture
  • Windows 11,  Office 2019, and SQL 2019 Compatibility
  • Redesigned Office Integration - Act! v24 uses 64-bit integration for Outlook and Word add-ins
  • 200+ priority bug fixes 

Check out the full list of items included in v24 at https://help.act.com/s/article/Whats-new-in-Act-v24-prem.

Before you rush to upgrade to Act! Premium v24, we want to let you know that Act! v24 Update 4 is in beta testing as this is being written.  This update will address several bugs and add a couple of new features.  The update does not require you to upgrade/update all of the machines you have running Act!, however, it's more efficient to wait to upgrade until this release is out so that you don't have to touch the machines twice (once for the upgrade and again to apply this update).  

Please note that with the release of any new version of Act!, support for older versions are dropped.  If you are on an Act! subscription, you get the new releases at no charge AND if you do not stay on a current/supported release, you may not be able to get assistance to fix issues that may arise in the software. Act's obsolescence policy is available here.  Please note that support for Act! Pro v22 AND older are no longer supported, and Act! Premium v22 and older are no longer supported.

Our team can help you migrate to Act! Premium v24, but if you are more of a DIYer, Here's a KB article you can follow. If you are utilizing an Act! add-on software purchased through us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information on v24 compatibility and upgrade pricing, if applicable.

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