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ACT and Windows 10

Microsoft announced the release of Windows® 10 on July 29, 2015. Upgrading to Windows® 10 introduces many new features, some of which may affect Act!. We highly recommend performing a complete backup of your Act! database prior to upgrading to Windows, though Act! v17.2 and later are compatible and are fully supported.  ACT v18 has full support for Windows 10.  The following is to assist you if you are running older versions.

Important Notes:

  • Technical support from Swiftpage will not be provided for, nor will patches for Windows 10 related issues be created for issues identified in Act! versions prior to Act! v17.
  • Known issues and workarounds for using Act! v17 and later with Windows 10 can be found at this ACT knowledgebase article. http://kb.act.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/38170

Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 with Act! pre-installed

  • Prior to upgrading your current version of Windows to Windows 10 when you have Act! installed, it is strongly recommended that you create backups of any databases. For information on creating database backups, refer to the following knowledgebase article:

How to back up and restore an Act! database Answer ID 19211

  • After upgrading your current version of Windows to Windows 10, it is recommended that you reboot your computer prior to attempting to use Act!, as the upgrade process can temporarily disable services required for Act! to run. Rebooting can ensure that these services are restarted
  • For best results, it’s recommended to always run Act! as an administrator. For more information, refer to the following Microsoft TechnNet article:https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/ff431742.aspx

Installing Act! on a machine with Windows 10 pre-installed


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