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QuoteWerks Version 5.1 Builds 2.25 & 4 now available

There are several updates and new features released with Build 2.25 of Quotewerks 5.1.  The link below shows the full list.  Key items are:

ConnectWise 2016.1, Maximizer 2016, new line numbering macros, highlight support for items on DocItems tab, QuoteValet Auto-reminders, template drop-down option and many more! 
One of my favorites: you can now highlight line items using up to 5 pre-defined highlight colors. Simply select or multi-select line items and click on the highlighter icon above the grid on the DocumentItems tab. This feature gives you the ability to tag/highlight line items in a way that you can use as a visual aide in reminding yourself that you need to complete something on these line items. You can combine this with the Notes column to enter in notes for yourself regarding what you need to do with the line item. This is a very useful productivity tool! The highlighting is only seen in the QuoteWerks quote, it will not been seen by the customer in the PDF output or when uploaded to QuoteValet.
If you need complex quotes, and you use ACT, Quotewerks is the tool for you.  We can help you implement these productive tools.  Visit our Quotewerks page today for more information. http://www.egenconsulting.com/quotewerks-consulting.html






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