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ACT for Web not happy? Nuke the preferences

Don't kill the computerIt's time for another ACT Tip.  This week, one of our clients upgraded to ACT V16 so they could utilize some of the great new features.  One of their newest sales staff was using the web based version and loved the flexibility.  He could access his details from a customer site and didn't have to carry his "heavy" laptop.  His next purchase is going to be a small tablet, but in the mean time he has been happy with just jumping on a browser when at a client site.  Until this week.  Then, things started going bump in the night.

The symptom was he would logon, it would start to try to load the ACT screens and then pass him right back to the logon screen.  After this happening several times, he called us to see what was up.  It had been working fine.  Nothing had changed.  We do hear that so often that we choose to go and check out things anyway because it might be a Microsoft update, or a grumpy antivirus on the client machine.

We tried everything in our arsenal and it was just driving us nuts.  Until I remembered that the preferences for the web version are stored in a different location than the normal client product.  Since this wasn't working anyway, we decided to just remove the preferences, restart ACT and IIS and let the preferences get rebuilt.  And presto, it worked.  Client happy.  We are happy.  And we chalk this up to yet another case of not necessarily knowing all the answers, but knowing where to look.

Got ACT for the Web users having troubles connecting.  Try removing the preferences.

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