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Swiftpage Connect and Internet Explorer 11

Here's another one of our "We love your tips" posts. I have now helped two clients resolve this issue so I thought - hm - let me turn it into a blog article.

By now, I think everyone knows I adore the Swiftpage eMarketing tool.  It's what I use for my marketing campaigns and I have dozens of clients using it as well.  Lately, some of my clients have been having problems editing their HTML templates.  In all the cases, it turned out to be an issue with Internet Explorer (IE).  Due to a Windows update or a new computer, they were now on IE V11.  

What I did to resolve the Swiftpage issue is a common fix that also works for sites that are "grumpy" when being viewed by IE11.   The solution is to change the browser to run in Compatibility View Mode

Here's how you set the browser to compatibility mode:

1. Open IE.

2. Click on the Tools button - this is the icon that looks like a Gear - everyone seems to be going to Gears for their settings areas.

3.  Next click compatibility view settings.

4.  Enter in the URL for the complaining website - in my case it was https://www.swiftpage3.com/SpeMySwiftpage.aspx.  Your server name could be different.

5.  Next click ADD.  The website has now been added to launch always in compatibility mode.

This is a pretty common problem.  In fact, here's a link to a Microsoft item on how to fix this: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/use-compatibility-view#ie=ie-11

Hopefully you found this helpful.  We get a lot of feedback from people saying they love our tips.

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