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Friday Did You Know: iPhone battery fix

Patricia Egen Consulting Fast TipsRecently, my iPhone battery started to rapidly decline.  In the past if I wasn't on calls, it would last a day or more with a recharge.  Now it was lasting an hour or two.  I figured I would have to go and get a replacement battery - and I've only had the phone a year.

However, before I trekked down to the ATT store, I decided to poke around Google and see if there were some known issues with my 5C phone.  What I found was a software fix - and it worked like a charm.

Basically, I went into settings and clicked General - Reset - Reset all Settings.  It doesn't clear out apps so no problem there.  Then I powered off the device, and plugged it into a wire connected to power and not my PC.  It charged overnight and the problem went away.  This may not work for everyone but it saved me a $49 new battery.  Patty likey.

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