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Friday Did you Know - Lookup ANY fields in ACT

lookupWe're starting a weekly "Friday Did you Know?" blog  that we hope you find helpful.  Sometimes a quick tip that we "assume" everyone knows is not so well known.  It's the classic don't assume action.  Here's this week's post.

A really nice trick that has been part of the ACT CRM forever is the ability to search a special group of fields that start with ANY.  What this means is you don't have to remember where the phone number is shown - cell or home or business.  You just search the ANY Phone field and it will look for any occurrence of the number you have entered.  This is really handy if someone has left a voicemail message with a phone number "assuming" you know the area code.  Ever had that happen?  Me too.

To find these fields, click on LOOKUP - OTHER FIELDS and find the ANY fields.  They are:

  • ANY Email
  • ANY Address 1
  • ANY Address 2
  • ANY Address 3
  • ANY City
  • ANY State
  • ANY Zip
  • ANY Country
  • ANY phone field
  • ANY Extension

Think about the ramifications of having a global search of all emails, address or phone fields.  Takes all the mystery out of the equation.  Love it.


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