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Ho Ho Ho-Make Sending Holiday Greetings Easy

It seems that the practice of sending cards to customers may be coming back into the norm. I know the holidays are upon us when I start getting calls and emails asking how to print labels or envelopes for holiday cards. The calls often start with the question like, “I want to send out cards, but I don’t want to have to type the labels/envelopes individually. Is there an easier way to create the labels?” So I thought this might be a perfect time to revisit the process.

If you are thinking that creating labels is this manual, let me tell you NO, NO and NO. No matter what CRM you use to track your sales and stay in touch with your customers, it should provide the means to easily create mailing labels or print envelopes. (If it doesn’t and you send physical mail out regularly, you may want to take a look at a different CRM!)

Generally the steps to creating labels and envelopes include:

1. Lookup those people in your database who should receive the card

2. Find the label format you want to use from the list of templates

3. Merge the two together and print

Once your labels are printed, slap them on the envelopes with the stamps and you are good to drop them in the mailbox and enjoy the holiday party.

Click here to watch this short 5-minute video tutorial about creating mailing labels using Act!...

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