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New Year web presence checklist

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Early in the New Year is a great time to review your online accounts and services and make decisions on what can be done to make this year better than the last.  Here are a few recommendations:

  • Review your website and update the content or work with a designer to get a fresh look. Your website is often the first impression a prospect has of your company. 
  • Take inventory of your online presence - get all login credentials for your domain(s), website hosting account(s), email hosting account, Facebook, LinkedIn, e-marketing accounts, etc.  
  • This is a good time to change the passwords on your accounts if you aren't already doing that on a regular basis. Data breaches are more common than you might think. Make sure you aren't using the same password for all of your accounts.
  • Review your technology service providers - are you happy with the service and price? If not, it could be time to give them a call to discuss options or maybe even shop around. If you have a trusted technology partner, set up a meeting to find out what new services are available that could be beneficial for you.

We hope that 2017 brings health, happiness and prosperity to you and yours.  Happy New Year from all of us at Patricia Egen Consulting!


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