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Hotfix 5 for Act v18

Hotfix 5 for Act v18 is available. This update does not change the database schema version - therefore not everyone needs to install this unless you are experiencing one of the following issues.  In addition, this particular hotfix will open a browser window at the end of the update.  It will point you to a KB article where you download a DBFIXER.  It is done this way because not everyone will need to run the dbfixer - this is actually a nice feature to provide a link to the details.  The download link for the hotfix is available below or can be downloaded within ACT by clicking on Help - Act Notifications.  This will provide a popup with the URL and directions.

This hotfix resolves the following:

  • Fixes an issue where using the Global Toolbar Email command did not populate the TO: field with the target Contact email addresses.
  • Fixes an issue where Contact > Edit > Replace would fail on secured servers.
  • Yes/No fields will no longer be removed from a Layout after editing. (See DBFixer notes below)
  • Fixes an issue where Yes/No field types could not be renamed. (See DBFixer notes below)
  • Fixes an issue where focus on a new Contact was lost when saving, or when triggering an automatic save through another action. E.g., adding an Activity.
  • Re-enabled email commands for Chrome users. These users can set their email client preferences to “Use default email”.

The 18.0.501.5 update download is located here: http://CDN.updates.swiftpage.act.com/updates/act18hf5a.exe

DBFIXER KB article:

Lastly, this update involves a DBFixer needed to fix the Yes/No field issue noted above. Using the dbfixer means the defect can be fixed without changing the Schema Version – eliminating any need to coordinate the change by the Act! administrator or IT department. You can read the KB here: http://kb.swiftpage.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/38246

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